District Map

District Map Of The New District 33 Is Now Official

After several court challenges the district lines for the new District 33 are now decided. This is a district map of my current legislative district, District 33A, that I have represented for the last ten years. It includes Crofton, Crownsville, Gambills, Millersville, Severna Park and a slice of Odenton and is represented by TWO delegates. The “NEW District 33” which I WILL represent if I am lucky to be re-elected in 2014 includes most of this map PLUS 1) Davidsonville, 2) most of the Broadneck Peninsula, and 3) a slice of Severn and will be represented by THREE delegates.

New District 33 Map – 2014-2022

New Maryland District 33 Map in Google Maps

Old District 33A Map – 2002-2014

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