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Tony McConkey ReElection Campaign To The Maryland House of Delegates

mcconkey-reelection-campaign-2General Election is November 4th, I need your help.tony-mcconkey-reelection-campaign

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1) Please mail your check to “McConkey For Delegate”, 207 Cypress Creek Road, Severna Park MD 21146.

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mcconkey-reelection-campaign-3mcconkey-reelection-campaginPlease E-mail to request a yard sign or bumper sticker, or to volunteer to help with a parade or signwave.



June 4, 2014 – National Federation of Independent Business makes Tony McConkey its only endorsement in Anne Arundel County

May 14, 2014 – National Rifle Association Gives McConkey The Highest Grade In District 33 Delegate Race

May 14, 2014 – Maryland Farm Bureau endorses Tony McConkey for reelection

Apr 26, 2014 – Maryland Right To Life Endorses McConkey ReElection

New Challenge In The 2014 Election – Legislative Redistricting

To allow for population growth and movement the law requires the legislative redistricts to be redrawn after the 10 year census. The new districts were approved in 2012 and will take effect this year for the first time. My District 33 changed dramatically going from a two delegate subdistrict 33A (77,000+/-) to a three delegate district (125,000+/-). With 48,000 person addition we added most of Arnold and the rest of the Broadneck, Davidsonville and parts of Riva and Harwood, and part of Severn. We lost precincts in Odenton and Gambrills.

To add to the confusion most of the state and county websites are still based on the old districts which are still in effect until the election is completed until the General election November 4, 2014. So if you go to a website and look up you district and elected representatives you a likely to get an answer based on the old district that has nothing to do with the 2014 elections. To help I have attached the new District 33 map.

New Maryland District 33 Map

Thank you for your interest in the Tony McConkey reelection campaign, click here for more 2014 Maryland election news

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  1. Don Patterson

    I’m in room 318 attending meeting with Delagate McConkey.
    Don Patterson


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