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Chesapeake Science Point Wins Anne Arundel Math Competition

chesapeake-science-pointChesapeake Science Point’s Math Team Wins Two Math Contests On The Same Day

February 22nd, 2014 – Chesapeake Science Point’s (CSP) Math Team competed in two separate math competitions today and won both, continuing an absolutely exceptional year! These wins completed their season sweep of the AACC High School Math competition and earned CSP the right to advance to the statewide Mathcounts Middle School Math competition.

Anne Arundel Community College High School Math Competition:

The first contest of the day was the fifth and final event in the Anne Arundel Community College High School Math Competition. In this competition students compete in two rounds: an individual round where students have 30 minutes to complete 6 very challenging math problems, and a team round where a team of 5 students has 30 minutes to complete 6 even harder problems. AACC sponsors this competition season, with 5 monthly contests in the contest season running from October to February.

CSP’s High School Math Team had won the previous four events of the season, and with today’s win capped a perfect season for CSP repeating last years performance of winning all five individual competitions and winning the season tally by a wide margin. As individual awards were announced, CSP was also had four individuals recognized for having exceptional season scores as individuals. CSP 12th grader Lukash Onyshkevych had the highest score on any individual. CSP 12th grader Ruslan Onyshkevych had the 2nd highest score, while CSP 9th grader Anthony Krieger earned the 3rd highest individual score and CSP 9th
grader Benjamin Kelm earned the 5th highest individual score in the season tally. Those four CSP students as top season scorers all were presented with the Donald Wertz Memorial Award and each earned their choice of an advanced mathematics book to commemorate this award. Today’s win extended CSP’s winning streak to 13 straight competitions over the past three seasons.

For the 2013-2014 season, the following students represented CSP at the AACC High School Math Competitions:
12th grade: Greg Bekher, Jason Clyde, Michael Moler, Lukash Onyshkevych, Ruslan Onyshkevych
11th grade: Clarissa Sorrells, Sean Wiles
10th grade: Ahtesham Chaudhry, Rooney Kaplos
9th grade: Benjamin Kelm, David Kravets, Anthony Krieger
8th grade: Sam Altman Farrell, Matthew Berg, Glenn Boyette, Joshua Brunk, Jane Huang
7th grade: Maya Albayrak, Madelyn Ault, Olivia Burkowski, Emma Dy, Sterling Fleming, JohnGallerizzo, Christian Hardy, Mark Kelm, Maria Mao, Ayomikun Oyemade, Connor Parker, Cory Powers, Bosith Weerasinghe, Stanley Zhu

2013-2014 Season Total February 2014 Competition
Chesapeake Science Point 51.00 7.67
Severn School 39.67 7.00
Archbishop Spalding 33.33 6.00
Severna Park HS 32.33 3.67
South River HS 31.00 3.00
North County HS 25.00 3.00
The Key School 22.00 0.00
Chesapeake HS 21.67 2.00
Arundel HS 21.00 2.33
Southern HS 19.00 2.00
Meade HS 13.33 0.00
Broadneck HS 5.33 0.67
Northeast HS 3.67 2.00
Annapolis HS 3.33 0.00
Glen Burnie HS 3.33 1.00
Old Mill HS 2.00 0.00

Mathcounts Middle School Annapolis Chapter Round Math Competition:

While their high school teammates were competing across campus, CSP’s Middle School Math Team members were competing in the Mathcounts Annapolis Chapter Regional competition. This regional competition is open to middle school students throughout Anne Arundel County and the Maryland Eastern Shore and high scoring schools and individuals at this competition earn the right to advance to the Mathcounts statewide tournament to be held on March 15th. CSP students won both the team portion of the contest and finished extremely well in the individual portion of the contest, earning the top 6 individual positions as well as having 8 of the top 10 scores overall.

Glenn Boyette 1st Place
Connor Parker 2nd Place
Maria Mao 3rd Place
Jane Huang 4th Place
Stanley Zhu 5th Place
Joshua Brunk 6th Place
Cory Powers 9th Place
Mark Kelm 10th Place

CSP’s team of Glenn Boyette, Janue Huang, Joshua Brunk and Emma Dy had their individual round scores combined with the results of a 20-minute 10-question team round earning them the overall highest, 1st place team score in today’s event.

In addition to the formal competition program, Mathcounts also conducts a head-to-head rapid fire Countdown round, where two students compete to see who can most quickly solve a problem in 45 seconds. In this round where the students often completed the problem before the question was
completely read, CSP’s Maria Mao advanced to the final round and ultimately finished in 2nd place.

Along with the students listed above, CSP’s middle school math team was also represented by: Maya Albayrak, Oumarr Bah, Matthew Berg, Christian Hardy and Bosith Weerasinghe.

CSP’s math team earns these great results through hard work and dedication of the students, their teachers, coaches and parents. CSP’s math team practices competitive math skills for an hour before school everyday with their head coach, parent volunteer Mr. Bernie Kelm and teacher coaches Mrs. Imelda Valencia, Mr. Vincent Njong and Mr. Faiz Mohideen. Their morning math routine involves learning math and problem solving techniques in fun ways and is focused as much on being able to apply those skills to their studies and life as a whole as it is to applying it to competitive math contests.

Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School, located in Anne Arundel County at 7321 Parkway Drive South, Hanover, Maryland, is a nationally recognized public charter school with a strong focus on science, math and technology and emphasizes preparation of its students for continued higher education. The school consistently places at the top in test scores in several categories at the state level and has competed and placed highly in mathematics and scientific competitions at the statewide level, nationally and internationally. For more information, visit the CSP website at:

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